Field Trip | Crowe River

summertime. old friends. new town. sun shining. river flowing... the recipe for a perfect day.

a couple of weeks ago, one of my dearest friends came for a visit, so we headed to crowe river, for a picnic on the rocks and some much needed quality time. when we grow older, and life happens (and you move out of town), it's natural that we aren't able to spend as much time with our friends. but when we do touch base, even if almost a year has passed, things never change and we pick up where we left off. i love that about friendship.

oh wait.... some things have changed since yoli and i last spent a day together. she's newly married (the wedding was spectacular), pregnant, and finally a legit permanent resident in canada. also, her brother was here from mexico, and the weather was hot like mexico... so all in all, it was a perfect day to celebrate. olé!


Foraging for Wild Edibles

I recently attended another workshop hosted by The Abundance Project- a wild edibles hike. I was super excited about this one, cause there are tons of, what we like to call, "weeds" on our property, and I wanted to learn more about them. 

Joanna Wiersma and Joy Cameron of Pure Joy Herbal Creations, led the hike, and showed us how to identify all kinds of wild plants that are used for medicinal purposes. We harvested plantain leaves (no, not the banana kind), and later prepared an oil infusion. In a few weeks, we'll regroup for another walk and use our plantain oil to make a healing salve. I'm pretty stoked about this, and even more so that many of the wild edibles that we discovered can be found right in my own backyard.

It's funny, cause now I'm like a maniac when Sonny is weeding. He goes out to clear certain areas on the property, and I'm all like "don't you dare, I need those weeds!" Hah! I've got all sorts of ideas running through this crazy head of mine. I picked up a book titled, Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide, by Rosemary Gladstar. It's easy to follow, and has lots of pictures to help me identify wild herbs, and includes tons of recipes for teas, salves, oils, and more. My hope for next spring, is to create a semi-organized herb patch where I can harvest even more wild herbs. Maybe move around some of my existing plants to an area that Sonny knows is off limits to weed whacking.

And that's that... one more reason why I'm in love with country living, my picturesque town of Trent Hills, and our 5 little acres of heaven and weeds.


*note: i'm no herbalist, so if you decide to experiment with wild herbs, please do some research first. many can be quite toxic.